September of 2000, we began to broadcast a new television program called Manna-Fest. We believe the time and season for this ministry has come, and we continue to expand our weekly television outreach into more and more cities. The potential audience has increased by several million households already. It’s wonderful to see God expand our ministry as we bring the Word from the church house into your house! While Christian programming should never replace the church – it is a wonderful tool to reach the lost and teach the believer.



The focus of this ministry is fourfold:

  • To win the lost to Jesus Christ in America & overseas.
  • To teach the Body of Christ our Hebraic roots.
  • To expose people to the anointing of the Holy Spirit through evangelism and worship crusades.
  • To use modern technology to teach and preach the Word of God.

For more information, contact us at (423) 478-3456.

New Testament Study Bible

New Testament Study Bible

The Perry Stone’s New Testament Study Bible is taken from the King James translation and includes over 300,000 words of Perry Stone’s personal commentary.

Now, after seven years of compiling a Bible Commentary, highlighting biblical nuggets, in-depth research information, ancient history and Greek word studies, the Perry Stone New Testament is printed and available to everyone.

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Current Manna-Fest Offer

The Final Ciphers Package

FC-138 - Final Ciphers Offer – Includes Perry’s just-released book, The Final Ciphers and Return of Christ along with 2CD audio teaching, “Preparing and Surviving During Hard Times”



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New Testament Study Bible

The Rapture Revelation

Special Offer – 5 DVD Study Series Rapture Revelation. This is one of Perry’s most requested teachings on the Rapture of the Church.  This series was previously offered for a limited time but is now being re-released at this special price. Order yours today while supplies last!




New Testament Study Bible

2020 Prophetic Summit

A complete and advanced prophetic 8 message teaching album by Perry Stone and Bill Cloud recorded live as the 2020 April Prophetic Summit Webinar.

These 8 messages are now being released for the first time. This complete set includes 8 prophetic teachings surrounding one of the most eventful periods in recent history.


New Testament Study Bible

Breaking the Apocalypse Code

Breaking the Apocalypse Code special offer is available, and NOW you can enjoy this complete, advanced prophetic Bible Study with family and friends! This offer of 7 DVDs clearly explains the 22 chapters of the Apocalypse, Totaling 14 hours of eye-opening, exciting prophetic insight.  An 8th Bonus DVD is included in this special offer.

New Testament Study Bible

Secrets of the 3rd Heaven Pkg

 Do you know the many secrets of paradise – the temporary home of the spirits and souls that have died in Christ which is located in the third Heaven?  Perry Stone in his latest book, Secrets of the Third Heaven delves into some of the most interesting, in-depth and mysterious questions ever asked about the third heaven. As a believer, can you answer these questions?



Christian Television Network

Sundays 3:30 PM EST
Sundays 7:00 PM EST
Fridays 11:30 PM EST

Dish Network Channel 267
Direct TV 376

Daystar Network

Mondays 7:00 PM EST
Saturdays 11:00 PM EST

International feed outside North America and South America plays 4 hours later than the live feed

Dish Network Channel 263 SD
Dish Network Channel 8415 HD
Direct TV Channel 369

God TV

Tuesday 6:00 PM EST

Direct TV Channel 365
Sky Satellite Channel 580

Golden Eagle Broadcasting

KGEB Tulsa Oklahoma
Sunday 8:30 PM Central
Friday 9:00 AM Central

Total Living Network

Sunday 7:30 PM Central

Xfinity Chicago 138
Live Stream

Legacy TV

Sundays 2:30PM EST

Victory Television Network

Mondays 6:00 PM Central
Tuesday 7:30 PM Central
Friday 7:30 PM Central
Saturday 5:00 PM Central

KVTN Arkansas Channel 25
KVTH Arkansas Channel 26
KVTJ Arkansas Channel 48

The Hillsong

Wednesday 6:00 PM EST

Dish Network Channel 258
Direct TV Channel 371

World Harvest Network

Mondays 8:30 PM EST
Direct TV Channel 367

Family Entertainment Television

Sundays at 6 AM and 8 AM EST

Direct TV Channel 323
Dish Network 82
Att U-verse 578


Wednesday 7:30 AM EST

WMBC-TV New York 63.1
UHF Digital Channel 18
DirecTV 8/9S Newton NJ

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